Kansas Mental Health and Positive Behavior Support Training Materials

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This page provides access to the Kansas Mental Health and Positive Behavior Support (KMHPBS) Training Resources

KMHPBS Awareness Modules

Interactive Version vs. Video Version: What is the difference?

The Interactive Versions (No longer available. Information left here for archival purposes.) of the KMHPBS Awareness Modules allow the viewer to pause and select an answer for periodic knowledge-check quizzes before proceeding with content. The Interactive Version must be downloaded fully before it begins. For viewers with slower internet speeds, this could take an undesirable amount of time. Viewers on iOS devices, such as the iPad or iPhone, should choose the Video Version.

The Video Versions of the KMHPBS Awareness Modules do not need to be downloaded fully before they begin to play. These versions also contain the knowledge-check quizzes. The viewer is able to pause the video to think about an answer, but she will not be able to interact with the content by clicking on and then submitting an answer. The Video Versions are a good choice for those with slower internet connection speeds.

Introductory Awareness Materials

Overview of the Kansas Mental Health and Positive Behavior Support Project 34m 37s

Core Awareness Materials Introducing Positive Behavior Support

1. Introduction to Positive Behavior Support for Families 25m 39s

2. Collaborative Planning in Family-centered Positive Behavior Support 23m 48s

3. Functional Behavior Assessment 26m 17s

4. Building Positive Behavior Support Plans 33m 27s

5. Implementing Positive Behavior Support Plans 26m 19s

Additional Online Segments

Introduction to School-wide Positive Behavior Support29m 27s

Digging Deeper: Additional Positive Behavior Support Resources